9″ Disk Grinder Horizontal or Vertical Shaft


You might like a horizontal disk grinder for sharpening since it’s intuitive for that purpose. It can also be used to lap parts, clean up tapered tangs and similar jobs. May be easier to apply downward pressure evenly than on a vertical set up. If you are just getting started, this might be an easy way for you to find effective process right away.

However, a vertical disk grinder will allow you to look down the blade while grinding, can be used for truing bevels, dovetailing, clips, squaring handle materials, actually anything a horizontal disk can do. More advanced knifemakers may get more use out of a vertical set up than a horizontal set up. Vertical orientation may provide a better view of the work in progress or allow better approach the against the grinding disc.


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  • 9″ Disk.
  • 1 HP variable speed.
  • 1725 RPM.
  • Instantly reversible.
  • 110V AC.
  • Vertical Shaft Mounts to the top of the bench and hangs over the edge.
  • Optional Workrest available for  Horizontal Shaft Disk Grinder


Note:  These variable speed controllers are not compatible with GFCI outlets and must be used on standard electrical outlets.

Weight65 lbs

Vertical, Horizontal

Disk Face?

Flat Face, Bevel Face

Add Optional Workrest

No Work Rest, With Work Rest

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