The KMG Industrial Belt Grinder


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The Articulating Tool Rest can work with the Classic KMG using the Universal Mount kit! 

Are you looking for the New KMG-TX Tilting Extreme?

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  • 2 X 72″ belt size
  • 3/4″ drive shaft (keyed)
  • Precision tracking
  • Platen attachment
  • Contact Wheels up to 14″
  • Belt drive
  • Adjustable toolbar
  • Plain finish
  • CNC machined
  • Made in the USA
  • Not recommended to run in reverse

Now offering  Abrasive Belt Kits from Preferred Abrasives — Regular (22 pcs)   Ultimate (23 pcs) 

The 1.5 HP motor will require a plug and switch kit which you can get here…

Set Up for the 1.5 Hp Motor 

Set Up for the Variable Speed Motor

Typically, the KMG Grinders ship in three separate boxes. The Chassis is all steel. unpainted and unplated, with precisely bolted joints and minimum welding. The KMG was intentionally designed so that the motor was not an integral part of the machine which allows for unlimited choices in how the grinder is powered. This allows you to use just about any type of motor and it also allows to set the grinder up with different speeds by changing the pulley ratio between the motor and grinder. Typical motor sizes for the KMG can be from 1-1/2 to 5 hp. We prefer to drive the KMG with pulleys and a belt to maximize the versatility, however, you can also direct drive with a motor coupling of your choice. With the standard 4″ drive wheel, the abrasive belt speed is easily calculated as follows:

Belt speed (ft/min) = RPM  (example:  100rpm= 100ft/min,  3500 rpm= 3500ft/min)

Looking for the Mother of All Grinders Package, with a KMG-10 Variable speed 3hp Motor and all the Accessories?


Choose Your Motor

3 Speed 1.5 hp, 3 Speed 2 hp, Variable Speed 2 hp, Variable Speed 3 hp, No Motor / Subplate

Choose Your Drive Wheel

4" Standard, 6" wheel for 50% more speed

Choose Your Contact Wheel

8" Contact Wheel (Package Includes Platen Attachment), 10" Contact Wheel (Package Includes Platen Attachment), Just the Platen Attachment

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