Preferred Abrasives Belts 2 x 72 Starter Kit Assortment


Get right to grinding with these premium 2×72 belts.  A good selection of all the different kinds of belts you’ll want for knifemaking.

Firestorm Ceramic Belts:       36, 60, 80, 120 (made with Firestorm II material)

Longest Life & Fastest Stock Removal – self-sharpening
XK870 offers the newest innovation in grain technology and also has a top-size grinding aid which helps resist loading & aids in cooling. It requires medium to heavy pressure to keep the grain sharp. It works well on most metal applications, but it excels on severe grinding applications. We consider this the best of all Ceramic Products! Very cool cutting & long life. Great for stainless steel, high carbon steel, alloy & aluminum applications. Designed for dry use, but can also be used wet.

Blue J-Flex Ceramic Belts:    180, 220

Enjoy the high performance of ceramic grain in the finer grits. Long lasting, self-sharpening grain works best on metal.  

Green J-Flex A/O Belts:       320, 400

Brown J-Flex A/O Belts:       600, 800

AO works good on steel, wood or composite materials and is available in several different backings, from soft to stiff.  The downside of using AO on metal is that it wears out much faster than the new ceramic abrasives and it gets dull as it wears.

Blue Film A/O Belts               1200

To create an incredibly smooth final cutting edge, the blue film belts provide a razor sharp, burr-free edge.

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Kit consists of the following:

Firestorm Ceramic Belts:  36, 60, 80, 120
Blue J-Flex Ceramic Belts:  180, 220
Green J-Flex A/O Belts:  320, 400
Brown J-Flex A/O Belts:  600, 800
Blue Film A/O Belts: 1200