KMG “MOAG” The Mother Of All Grinders


The KMG “MOAG”  

We’ve taken our flagship KMG 10 Variable Speed 3 hp grinder and added every attachment that we make to create  The Mother of All Grinders! 

A 3hp Variable Speed Grinder, with a 6″ Drive wheel to give 50% more speed

Contact Wheels  from 8″ to 14″

Small Wheels from 1/2″ to 2″


The Legendary KMG Rotary Platen Attachment

Extra tool arms, tool arm tree, and small wheel rack!


Make your shop dreams come true!

This is just about everything you could possibly want for your KMG grinder,

just imagine the power of your shop with a fully outfitted KMG!


This package is not for the person who wants instant gratification because it’s going to take a couple of days JUST FOR US TO BOX IT ALL UP! 

You could put everything in this package in your shopping cart individually, and you would pay a lot more! BUT NOT TODAY! 

Add this to your cart with one click,


The Bestselling KMG Grinder

Variable Speed 3 HP motor and Controller

6″ Drive wheel for 50% more speed

8″ Contact Wheel

10″ Contact Wheel

12″ Contact Wheel

14″ Contact Wheel with riser and block

Platen Attachment

Slack Belt Attachment

Rotary Platen Attachment and KMG Arm

Three Steel Tooling arms

Tool arm tree

Small Wheel Attachment

Small Wheel Storage Rack

1/2″ Small Wheel

5/8″ Small Wheel

3/4″ Small Wheel

7/8″ Small Wheel

1″ Small Wheel

1 1/8″ Small Wheel

1 1/4″ Small Wheel

1 1/2″ Small Wheel

1 3/4″ Small Wheel

2″ Small Wheel

Two Contact Wheel Spindles

KMG Work rest

Free Shipping Available to Continental US Customers only.